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Thanks Tom, I'm seeing 12 turns on the inside piece of the quilting hoop, evenly spaced, with a 10-365 mf tuning capacitor, plus the modification for the high end. Looks very nice by the way, certainly a great way to homebrew a loop with professional looking results. I grew up in the shadow of WOWO in Lima, Ohio (in those days all we had in our cars was an AM radio, and WOWO was our favorite. They did top 40 in those days...), but now in Knoxville, I can only receive them at night. Enjoyed reading about your results.

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I have been ask for more information about the quilting-hoop loop that I used for this reception. The details are here:

Tom, K4ZAD, Cary, NC


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Today at around 14:00 EST I managed to increase my mid-day AM DX distance record to 509 miles by logging WOWO 1190 Fort Wayne, IN from my home in Cary, NC. WIXE 1190 in Monroe, NC provided little competition today. The WOWO signal was very weak but the distinctive "Wo Wo" ID came through clearly at one point.

At about the same time I logged WSM 650 Nashville, TN - 449 miles and WLW 700 Cincinnati, OH - 393 miles. WSM is a mid-day regular here and WLW is somewhat less so.

All of these were with a Tecsun PL-380 and a 24" quilting-hoop loop. WSM was audible without the loop.

Tom, K4ZAD, Cary, NC

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