Have another catch from last night.


Well one by one I'm getting closer to 200 stations heard.

  All loggings are on a Barefoot SRF-49,All time is in UTC, and AMP stands for Air Mile Path from stations area of service to my QTH in Springboro, OH.

  600 WKYH Paintsville, KY 2230-2244 03 December 2010 UTC EE Fair
Heard: a sports talkshow, with commercial for Mid-America Debt solutions, With a station ID at 2240. Station was mixing with what I think was WSOM  in Salem, OH.
ULR LOG# 159  5Kw/ 43w  AMP 140 Mi 

  Hopefully more later tonight,

  Alex N8UCN / KOH8IG / SWLR-RN037

"The ear of the Cin-Day corridor!!!"

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