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Wow. It's not on the website, so one can't use the store locator feature. I stopped by the one near the house and lucked out on the first try. They had 2 sealed in the box, and one out on the shelf. I think the best best plan might be to call around when they open up today.

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Hello all......

How can one find what Radio Shacks still have the G6 available in stock?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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I ordered the Tecsun PL 606 from Anon. How can you go wrong for 40.00 plus
shipping? I'll post a comparison when I get the Tecsun. In the meantime,
I'm really enjoying the G6. although I'm new to Ultralight, I've been SWLing
& MW Dxing since 1966 (ok, I'm an OM). And by the way, although there's
been a lot of discussion on the 606, I haven't seen where it's been officially
approved either, but I may be looking in the wrong place. I've also
ordered an AN-200 loop from Universal. Am I right in assuming if you use an
external antenna you are in the unlimited class as opposed to barefoot?

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That just means that your reception reports will not qualify under
ultralight. I have 2 radios that I use to listen, neither are ultralight. I
still like to read through this group for ideas on how to improve my listening
experience and to the accomplishments of others.


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Was 59.95 at RS on closeout here (Knoxville, TN), still better than the sale price of 71.00. So I picked one up. That means I still
don't have a qualified radio, but am undecided between the top models on the
list. It will be interesting to see how the DSP ultralights compare with
this. Meanwhile, I'm going to play around with the G6. I have a DX-398 and an
Eton E-1 to compare with it.


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