Re: Tecsun PL-606 DSP Receiver- Detailed Review Article


That's my suspicion. Just like the bandwidth selections being out of
order on the Kchibo D-96L, it will be interesting to see if the next
production run is programmed differently.


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Could it be that it was an oversight? The (PDF)OM lists 4KHz in the
AM BW (Bandwidth) section. >
Another interesting note LW can be accessed by holding the MW
button and turning on the radio. >
Unfortunately the "Intelligent Lighting" is in Chinese, but it must
mean you need to press hold the light/ETM button and turn on the
radio. >
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wrote: > >
Do you think the omission of the "superfluous" 4KHz bandwidth
was really > > a conscious design decision, or an omission? How much
would a couple of > > more lones of microcode to keep it in the BW
menu have cost? Anything at > > all?

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