First Evening of Fall Follies

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

This evening I started tuning around a little after our lcl sunset,
and discovered that at least for this evening, I couldn't really get
into logging mass quantities of stations. One of the reasons for that
is because I noticed some signals on certain frequencies that I'd
never logged before. The first 90 minutes, or maybe a bit less,
yielded 3 new stations. 2 more new ones were logged later listening
at a leisurely pace. I was using the stock E-100 barefoot.

650, KGAB, Orchard Valley, WY, 0000 UT, ID very clear then lcl ads.
Hvy QRM from WSM, Nashville.

730, KLOE, Goodland, KS, 0011-0022 UT, high school football game. Lcl
ads for the Goodland area were hrd during a one minute time-out from
the game.

730, KKDA, Grand Prarie, TX, 0108+ UT, playing older and a few newer
sounding 'soul'/urban mx tunes. Mixing with many other stations
fading up and down.

790, WMC, Memphis, TN, 0158-0230+, Hard to follow the pgm'g on this
freq as there were many different stations mixing it up. This sta
played country mx. ID finally noted at 0216 and again at 0230 UT
using the slogan, "Country Legands WMC..." or something like that.

960, WKVX, Wooster, OH, 0444-0510 UT, playing some good older R&R
hits.ID 0500 then M ancr w/ yak, mentioning other towns in Ohio.
Listed 32 watts night pwr.

You all take care, and best of DX to you-

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, Oklahoma

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