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Kevin Schanilec

Yeah, I thought they had perhaps been reading this Group's postings and had decided to swear off of the soft-mute, but no! As long as the audio stage is reasonably robust, which it appears to be, I just turn the volume up one or two clicks and generally stay off-frequency anyway, so not a big performance issue for me, but still something of an annoyance.

I think Tecsun believes that the average program listener prefers the soft mute when changing stations to reduce the inter-channel noise, which may be true, but perhaps they will eventually make it selectable???


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Hi Gary and All,

My 606 should arrive today from Anon-Co, however in reading your review, it seems the 606 has returned to using the soft-mute "feature" as found on the 310, is this truly correct? I'm scratching my head as to why Tecsun would continue to use soft-mute function as it seems to be for of a hindrance than an asset. It will be interesting to see if I try to direct enter on the missing keypad now that I am so accustomed to having one available. Especially when I am half asleep.

Other than that nit-pick, a great review as always. I'm looking forward to putting the 606 to good use this weekend and seeing what DX is available to the ear.


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Hello All,

For those interested in Tecsun's latest 1 kHz DSP Ultralight, a full 6
page review has been completed on the new PL-606 AM-FM-SW-LW receiver, and is
available for download at _
( . It will also be uploaded to the
DXer.Ca site shortly.

By combining the class-leading 100 mm loopstick of the PL-310 with 1 kHz
DSP selectivity in a very small package, Tecsun has created a very effective
PL-606 AM-DXing package for the $39.95 price. Included in the article are
the results of a four-band (AM-FM-SW-LW) shootout with the PL-310 and PL-380
models, detailed photos of the PL-606 loopstick and accessories, and
information on the quirks and advantages of the new DSP receiver. The radio
seems perfectly timed for winter DXing fun, and hopefully the article will
answer all your questions!

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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