E100 Slider Loopstick Article Uploaded to DXer.Ca

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     As John Bryant has mentioned, our 7-page joint article describing the development, construction and performance of the innovative E100 Slider loopstick has just been uploaded on DXer.Ca.
     The Slider loopstick uses a movable coil which slides along a 7.5" Amidon ferrite bar, providing the ability to peak the loopstick on each DX station's own frequency.  This loopstick tuning function, similar to that of a preselector, boosts the E100's wideband sensitivity up to an astonishing level, far out of proportion to the antenna's size.  A Slider-modified E100 has this outstanding sensitivity on all frequencies from 520-1710 kHz, without the sensitivity drop-off typical of other digital RF front end designs.  It has been tested against the RF-2200, ICF-S5W and other legendary portables, and has been found competitive (or superior) to them all.
     As a very cost-effective modification, the Slider loopstick can be constructed for under $40, and the project itself should be routine even for beginners--  it is simply the winding of a movable coil on a 7.5" ferrite bar, with two simple soldering connections to replace the mediocre E100 stock loopstick.  How does it perform?  Well, in combination with a Murata IF filter modification, a 7.5" Slider loopstick has enabled my tiny E100 to receive 50 TP's and DU's this season at Grayland, and at my home in Puyallup, Washington.  I have a stock ICF-2010, and have checked its performance against this Slider E100 during some of these TP receptions--  often finding the stock 2010 with only heterodynes, when the modified E100 had solid TP audio.  Even without the IF filter modification, the Slider E100 can typically receive about 80% of the TP's audible on the Slider + IF filter E100.  As such, it truly provides a very economic performance boost for any E100 owner interested in legendary weak-signal DX capability.
     John and I both hope that many E100 owners will take the opportunity to build one of these innovative Slider loopsticks, and discover for themselves the amazing DXing performance boost it provides.
     73,  Gary DeBock   

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