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Hrllo To All

A rare occurence early this Tuesday morning with Trans-Atlantic stations reappearing for a second session at 1AM local time.

Most of the stations listed below had very strong signals at the time but propagation was short lived in duration and back to domestics a while later.

684-SPAIN-RNE1-Sevilla 4:23UT/1 Two men in Spanish talk (Strong)
693-ENGLAND-BBC Five Live, Droitwich 4:30UT/1 Weather for England,
855-SPAIN-R. Nacional , Murcia 4:24UT/1 Spanish talk
864-FRANCE-France Bleue, 4:24UT/1 Paris French talk by man
909-ENGLAND-BBC Radio 5 Live 4:25UT/1 talk program
1035-PORTUGAL-Star FM Belmonte 4:29UT/1 pop songs
1089-ENGLAND,Talksport Radio Brookman's Park 4:28UT/1
1440-LUXEMBOURG, RTL via Marnach 4:27UT/1 German talk

Receiver : SRF-M37V barefoot

Good DX

Allen Willie
St. John's,Newfoundland
I wish I had my "DX Edge" with me, a neat map of the world with overlays projecting the grey line average for every month of the year. I'm wondering if maybe these receptions were via long-path?? Hmmm.

I recall back in the latter part of the 1980's, for a short time I was hearing African stations during our early lcl mornings down in the tropical bands. Naturally, those receptions were rare and definitely were opposite of the "normal" times to hear African stations below 6 mHz. (Glenn Hauser was calling me "Kirk 'Long-Path' Allen" during that time, ha ha.) What you reported sounds strikingly similar. Without my DX Edge, I really can't picture the greyline at the time you mentioned. I seriously doubt my thoughts on this are correct, but I'm very curious abt how and or why propagation like what you experienced occurs. It's very obvious I'm ignorant on MW propagation.

Anyone please comment on this??! Propagation of signals is a super-interesting topic in this old man's world....has been for over 40 years come to think of it.

73 to you!
Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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