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I notice that on some sw signals that fade in and out like a strobe...quick in and out, the G6 will do much better when zero beating the same signal on ssb. I find that I can zero beat something like say 6005 KHz at the end of 6005, just before the display goes to 6006, but have an easier time, can have room on both sides of the zero beated signal by going to, in this example, 6006 on sw-am, switching to ssb, and then go left...down tune to get a zero beat (of course, tuning is done in slow step mode).

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Was 59.95 at RS on closeout here (Knoxville, TN), still better than the sale price of 71.00. So I picked one up. That means I still don't have a qualified radio, but am undecided between the top models on the list. It will be interesting to see how the DSP ultralights compare with this. Meanwhile, I'm going to play around with the G6. I have a DX-398 and an Eton E-1 to compare with it.


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> Yesterday, I noticed that RadioShack is clearing out their Grundig G6 stock here in North Carolina.
> By chance, I visited two different stores and they had two different prices (even though both were RS corporate stores--not franchises). The first store I visited had the G6 priced at $36.97, the second store for $49.97. I had the second store check the price on their system and confirm with the first store that their price was right. Both showed the price differently on their respective pricing screens. The manager found this odd, but said that RS will often have different pricing in different regions. These two stores were no more than 5 miles apart.
> Anyway, if you want a good deal on the G6, check out your local RS. They also have the M400 for $17, the G8 for $29 and the G3 for $89.
> On the G6--since it's a clearance item--call for pricing before you go! :)
> Cheers,
> Thomas

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