Re: Station test on 1480 kHz details

Russ Edmunds <wb2bjh@...>

It isn't a test - it's an automation error. Just go to the university's website, locate the station list for football and with luck there'll only be one on 1480.

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Subject: [ultralightdx] Station test on 1480 kHz details
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Date: Wednesday, December 1, 2010, 6:24 AM


The test on 1480 kHz. is continuing past 5am. Here is what I know:
Test tone for 20 seconds.
Pause for 5 seconds.
Then a male says - "You're listening to the University of Illinois fighting Illini radio network Deerfield(?) communication satellite 27 Y(?). Your home for the University of Illinois athletics."
Pause for 5 seconds.

Now to find out what station is doing this.

Any help?


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