New stations heard 11/30/10


Hi everybody,

Conditions have been up and down over the long holiday weekend. No new states but the number of stations continue to get closer to 300 as I check random frequencies.

Below are my loggings:
The receiver is a Tecsun PL-380 and all station ID's are recorded on a Sony recorder. The times are CST.

1560 1759 WQEW New York NY. "WQEW and WQEW HD1 New York" These Disney stations are really hard to get an ID out of. You only get 5 seconds at the TOH to catch an ID and many times it's just an overdub with reduced audio. Oh well, finally got this one.
1490 1801 KRIB Mason City IA. "1490 KRIB Mason City" Just pure luck on this one. I was scanning and out pops the ID. I'll take it.

1320 0300 WJAS Pittsburgh PA. "Pittsburgh's great music station is 1320 WJAS"
1600 0600 WKKX Wheeling WV. "…1600 WKKX Wheeling"
1430 0721 KZQZ St. Louis MO. "KZQZ 1430 AM – another hour of good vibes"

1560 1959 WPAD Paducah KY. "ESPN radio, 1560 WPAD Paducah"
1510 2056 WLRB Macomb IL. "W-L-R-B" (Singing call letters)

1560 0559 KTUI Sullivan MO. "This is KTUI AM 1560"

1570 1801 WPTW Piqua OH. "WPTW Piqua" A good catch for me as it appears to be only 250 watts.

1070 0700 WFNI Indianapolis IN. "…1070 the fan…WFNI the fan"
1290 0759 CFRW Winnipeg MB. "Sports radio…CFRB Winnipeg"
1370 0801 KWTL Grand Forks ND. "This is KWTL AM 1370"

Totals now are 298 stations, 34 states, 5 Canadian provinces and 4 countries.

Lake Villa, IL

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