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> Hello all.....
> I noted that TECSUN has a model that includes SSB, the TECSUN PL-600.
> What has the group felt about this unit and its performance all all aspects of the ultralights?
> I'm interested. Is a "contender" or a "pretender"
> Pete Giacopelli

Has has been pointed out already, this is technically off-topic since the
PL-600 does not quality as an ultralight.

That said ... the PL-600 was replaced this fall by the PL-660 which also
has a synchronous detector. My first try-out was quite positive; in
particular the larger loopstick gives superior sensitivity compared with
most ultralights, and the synchronous detector is reasonably effective in
cleaning up noise, adjacent channel interference, and some of the
distortion from selective fading. However here in RF Alley of norther New
Jersey, three blowtorch locals show noticeable distortion in the audio
unless you null them out by rotating the set to reduce the signal level.
Fortunately the effects of the overload seem to be limited to the tuned
frequency (i.e. the local blowtorches do not spill all through the MW band
as I have experienced with some Degen designed models).

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