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Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

Hi Guys,
I'm a bit confused on the rule for the most stations heard. In the
pdf file I saved from, the rules say a total listening time
of 4 hours, but this posting states 8 hours. Maybe I missed
something, but could one of you guys help clarify this for me?
Thanks. I hope everyone enjoys the competition.
Kirk Allen
JRC NRD-515, Eton E-100, Sony SRF-59
Ponca City, Oklahoma

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Just a reminder that the 2008 Ultralight Fall Follies DX Contests
start this Friday at 30 minutes prior to Local Sunset and run until
30 minutes past Local Sunrise on the Monday 10 days later (October
thru Nov. 3). There are three separate contests that DXers in the
and Canada may enter; two of those contests may be entered by DXers
from around the world. Within each of the three contests, DXers may
compete with either a modified (Unlimited Class) or a stock
Class) Ultralight radio. So, there are really 6 contests for your

Two of the contests (the most stations heard within an aggregate
eight hours of DXing, Barefoot or Unlimited Classes, require a fair
amount of time (at least 8 hours at the dials.) The other four
contests are the summation of distance to your five most distant
stations, within North America(check the rules) and world-wide.
latter contests, again may be entered with either the Unlimited or
the Barefoot Class of receiver. The time devoted to the "five most
distant stations" contests is unlimited, within the span of the
overall ten days. You may DX as much or as little as you wish in
these contests..

There is a complete Participant's Package in the first page of
in the Ultralight Files area of It contains both the rules
and a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section.

There are no prizes, but results will be announced and a new
"suitable for framing" certificate has been designed for all

Be there or Be Square!

The Fall Follies Contest Committee
John Bryant
Kevin Schanilec
Allen Willie

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