"March Madness" Project-- A 14.5 inch Loopstick Transplant for the SRF-39FP

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     Welcome to all ultralight DX enthusiasts!  We are all especially happy to have a growing ULR fan base in Europe and South America, and feel honored to have you as part of our enthusiastic team.
     In search of the ultimate DX portable, a 14.5" loopstick was successfully transplanted into an SRF-39FP "Prison Radio," by use of an LCR meter, and two 7.25" ferrite bars tightly wound with heavy-duty tape.  After full alignment, the sensitivity apparently exceeds any stock portable in sight (ICF-2010, E1, ICF-S5W, etc.).
The most exciting point is that the loopstick was constructed of readily available parts, and the entire experiment cost less than $60 US.  A full article on this "Super Prison Radio 3" will be available shortly, documenting all the steps and part sources.
     Three photos of this DX Monster have been uploaded to the Ultralightdx Yahoo Group site, and it is rumored that this ultimate Ultralight may soon haunt the shores of Grayland, Washington.  This radio is so much DX fun, it should be illegal!
                                                                                        73,  Gary DeBock 

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