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WIXE in Monroe, NC is stronger than WOWO here in Cary, NC tonight. I have never heard them nighttime before. They are limited to 70 Watts nighttime. However, there's a football game on, and I wonder if someone "forgot" to crank the 5 KW daytime power down?

Might be a good night to try for this one.

Tom, K4ZAD in Cary, NC
-Hi Tom,

THANKS VERY MUCH for your tip on WIXE. I just finished hearing them here in northcentral Oklahoma! I was very surprised to hear them with Union County High School Football...Monroe Redhawks vs. ? Bulldogs. They were sporadically audible under several other stronger stations such as KPHN, KS City, MO and KFXR, Dallas, TX. Their sig was weak at best but was clearly // their online audio stream on the WIXE website. I owe you one for sure! I totally lost them by 0710 UTC.
Good DX to you!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK
Eton E-100 Slider

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