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Greetings, Kirk!

Thanks again for the XE target stations!

I've heard another station under XEACH before - maybe it was XEQRV!
Definitely warrants
another listen!
Hi Steve,

Another one you might want to keep an ear open for is XEANT, Tancanhuitz de los Santos in the state of San Luis Potosi. I hrd them only once while in Pasadena, TX. They were speaking in one of the lcl Indian languages, possibly the listed Nahuatl language along w/ some SS as well. They ID'd as "La Voz de los Huastecas" and also gave several call ltr IDs in SS. I'd sure like to hear them up here...maybe some day!
Another XE that occasionally makes the trip this far north is XEREV, Los Moches, Sinaloa. Perhaps you've hrd them? The few times I've logged them here and in TX they were identifying as "Los Quarenta Principales". However, that station is known for frequent variations on their IDs, so....last time I hrd them, they were // online streaming audio at

Good luck with that freq. I remember what a mess there is to deal with in that area of the band in and around Houston...I can't say I miss anything about Houston, no offense meant!
73 amigo,

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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