Looking to the South This Morning

Kirk <kirk74601@...>

Howdy Gang,

I didn't have any luck getting any TP stations this morning, but conditions to the south made up for it! BTW, Richard, tnx for the info on the best times for TP receptions. I really didn't know they are sometimes possible as early as 0930 UTC.
Anyhoo, this morning I lucked into two new Mexican stations for the Okie log. These both were hrd on the trusty E-100 Slider w/ SAT.

770, XEQRV, Veracruz, 1040 UTC, 11/26/10, At first this one was barely audible under the usually dominant XEACH. Surprisingly their sig got stronger and stronger until they were right up there w/ XEACH! Played pops and R&R mx, most of which was in SS although several tunes had EE lyrics. Finally hrd what sounded like a lcl ad ment'g Veracruz. I found them // their online stream via Fred Cantu's excellent website: http://www.mexicoradiotv.com/
If you've never visited the site, I highly recommend it. Fred has done an excellent job of compiling Mexican websites, many of which do have streaming audio available. Anyway, this sta was definitely // with the usual 15-20 seconds delay. No real ID was copied I'm sorry to say.

970, XEO, Matamoros, TM, 1117-1200+ UTC, 11/26/10, Super weak sig hrd at first, but their sig very rapidly grew to an almost 90% copiable lvl within just a few minutes! Played a neat song w/ Andino flavor using pan flutes, etc. Many "Radio Gallito" IDs hrd throughout reception. Almost all M ancr tlk and ads after 1140 UTC. Featured a rel pgm called "La Voz de la Maestro" (The Voice of the Master) @ 1150. Rooster sfx 1202 followed by a full ID w/ XEO call letters. XE NA at 1203 UTC. I've tried to hear this one many times but nary a peep from them in OK til this AM. They were actually tough to hear even in the Houston area. OH, this one was also found with streaming audio on Fred's website as well. ULR Sta #711, LAm #130.

Best of DX to all!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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