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Kirk <kirk74601@...>

Tnx, Gary. To be honest, I feel lucky every time I log a new station, be it domestic or from other countries! What intrigues me abt this morning is why would I hear some audio on those two freqs and Richard only had some hets except for the ever-faithful 747 and 774. He and I only live maybe 40 miles (apx) from each other. Propagation sure can be interesting...and weird
Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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Hi Kirk,

Great work on receiving 666-JOBK and 594-JOAK on your E100 Slider
(with Murata filter)! Those are excellent ULR Trans-Pacific catches for
Oklahoma (even though Richard sometimes makes it look easy), and you sure were
lucky to get them with the TP season practically over.

About a year ago, our close friend John Bryant designed a beautiful
Award Certificate for those Ultralight DXers who received their first
Trans-Pacific station, and you certainly are deserving of it. John probably would
have enjoyed delivering it to you personally, but I'll be happy to make
one up for you instead, if you can send your application to Rob. Great job in
snagging the two Japanese stations, and I'm really happy that the
filterized E100 Slider is thrilling its owner!

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA)

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Good Morning,

I stayed up way to late, so I could try for the TPs. It's interesting that
I didn't hear anything but anemic hets frrom 747 and 774. I did, however
briefly hear some audio from 666, JOBK, Osaka w/ JJ yak (1254 UTC). Also a
little stronger audio lvl from 594, JOAK, Tokyo (1220 UTC). JOBK is a new
one for me. I'm glad the JJ lang is EZ to recognize! Tnx to Gary D. for
landing that E-100 Slider w/ the Murata filter. That did the trick this morning,

One other new sta I just hrd a few minutes ago.

1430, KZEW, Aurora, CO, 1355-1415 UTC, 11/25/10, tnx to a recent tip from
Glenn Hauser, I caught this one getting stronger after 1400. By 1410, their
sig was really loud here and easily separated from pests
KTBZ (Tulsa) and KRGI (NE). Playing adlt stnds, some of the songs were abt
as interesting as the time Perry Como fell asleep on-stage while
attempting to sing one of his many exciting tunes...oh wait, that might have been on
Sat Night Live, ha ha. IDs hrd were "CNN 1430", "Studio 1430...KZEW." Long
ad strings which were actually more entertaining than the mx they
played...I'm just kidding, folks. I love the Big Band era. One of the songs they
featured was STRING OF PEARLS. When I was in the jazz band many long yrs ago
in high school (on trombone btw), that song was always an old faithful tune
we pretty much had mesmerized, I mean memorized.
73 everyone!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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TP signal propagation to this part of the planet was about the same as
yesterday. I listened 1t 1107-1327 UTC on my Tecsun PL-310 + 7.5-inch
loopstick. Local sunrise was at 1317 UTC.

747 JOIB Sapporo J, 1203, woman talking fading away 1204, hvy QRM from
KRMG 740 & WSB 750.
774 JOUB Akita J, 1107-1134, brief patches of audio fading in & out,
never at a comfortable listening level. (Monitor on PL-606 + Quantum QX at
1107-1111 UTC)

Carriers (hets) were noticed on 558, 594, 693, 702, 792, 828
(strongest), 972 (trace only) and 1566. The latter was just below the audible
threshold at sunrise with XERF 1570 slop.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and hopefully some good DX after you sleep off
the turkey stuffing.


Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK USA)

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