Puyallup, WA Ultralight TP's for 11-18

Gary DeBock

Hello All,
     Asian TP's this morning were far from vibrant here, as the west coast apparently suffered through the same propagation drop off described by Richard and Bill. TP signals started off at a fair level around 1330, but again went steadily downhill from there.
    With Asian signal levels reduced from yesterday, it was slim pickings until a modest sunrise enhancement around 1500, which managed only to restore several "big gun" TP's to a fair to good level. 594, 747, 828, 972 and 1134 came back out of the noise, along with a few brief appearances by 648-VOR, 657-Pyongyang and 738-BEL2. Pyongyang's rickety transmitter continues to muffle the modulated audio, thankfully silencing its own tirades (as if anybody really listened to them). Overall results were modest at best, and provided further evidence that the "December Doldrums" may already be knocking on the door.
     The following were heard on a C.Crane SWP Slider model (7.5" loopstick) inductively coupled to a 9' sided PVC tuned passive loop (in the rainy back yard). A modified ICF-2010 (30" loopstick) was used as an SSB spotting receiver.
558  HLQH  Daegu, S. Korea (presumed)  Poor-fair music at 1342;
             no 603 // available for ID check
594  JOAK  Tokyo, Japan  Fair-good Japanese speech late at 1525
648  VOR  Razdolnoye, Russia  Fair-good Korean speech around 1508
657  Pyongyang BS, N. Korea  Fair "muffled" Korean tirades at 1512
738  BEL2  Penghu, Taiwan  Fair Chinese male-female speech 1515
747  JOIB  Sapporo, Japan  Fair-good Japanese speech at 1506, // 828
828  JOBB  Osaka, Japan  Good Japanese talk at 1505, // 747
936  Anhui, China  (presumed)  Threshold music at 1346
972  HLCA  Dangjin, S. Korea  Fair Korean speech late at 1522
1044  CRI  Jiangsu, China  Poor Japanese external program at 1355
1134  KBS3  Hwaseong, S. Korea  Fair Korean speech in splatter 1515
1377  CNR1  China  Poor-fair Chinese speech in KRKO splatter 1510
1566  HLAZ  Jeju, S. Korea  Good Japanese religious program at 1340
1575  VOA  Ban Rassom, Thailand  Fair male-female Asiatic language 1341
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock

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