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I've never pay much attention to the signal indicator on the Tecsun receivers. I begin DXing in a time when S-meters weren't very common. Then as now I used my ears to determine signal strength.

I apologize if my reply offends you, but the dBu/SNR is simply not that important. Quit paying so much attention to the signal indicator and just listen instead. After all it's what you are or aren't hearing that's important.

Good listening.


Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK USA)

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Do you think you could let me know what some of the RSSI/SNR numbers are on some stations there, preferably set in 1kHz BW mode? I'm mostly interested in the weaker ones (under 20dB SNR or 30dBu RSSI), but would also be interested in the readings on the few strongest stations. (My PL-380 caps at 63dBu, but I temporarily had the Grundig G8, and on it there's one station that hits 77dBu in the daytime, and another hits, possibly exceeds (up to 81dBu) that level at night. The runner up is 72dBu, plus I have several others that hit/exceed 63dBu at various times of the day/night.)
Maybe you could do it tomorrow, though, as it's a bit late today to do it. In fact, I recently have actually gotten skip in the middle of the day. For example, I get fading on 1670-KHPY - ranging from no carrier to very readable (25dB SNR), on my PL-380, and at least one day within the past few weeks using the Select-A-Tenna I heard two stations on 1680 at 1pm. The closest ones to me on that frequency are in Fresno, CA, and Seattle, WA. BTW my primary outdoor DX location is 32°45'38.6"N 116°56'44.65"W, or close to there.

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