Re: Be a bit more openminded ?

Gil Stacy

As far as hacking a ULR and installing SSB or Sync Detection, a similar issue came up back in February 2008 when an entrant the Cabin Fever ULR contest wrote to me the following: "contest rules are open enough to allow an entrant to reduce the role of the Ultralight rx to inconsequentiality. With an antenna of choice from my farm, fed into my Collins/Rhode&Schwarz/Watkins-Johnson/Singer (I haven't decided yet) ... all I need to do is tap off the final processed IF stage, just before the detector, and feed it to the det/audio of my Ultralight to have a qualifying set. Hell, I could just use a diode and set the Ultra off to the side" For contest purposes, John Bryant and I decided to restrict Unlimited by permitting use of any peripheral accessories such as dsp filters, antenna couplers, tuners, phasers, preamps, upgraded IF filter (such as in the M37 family), with the incoming signal fed either into the ferrite bar antenna of the UL, or bypassing the ferrite bar antenna, and being fed into the RF and IF stages and processed solely through the complete circuitry of the UL (except for the ferrite antenna of the UL). The intent is to preserve and use the basic circuitry of the UL.
73 Gil

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