Re: Be a bit more openminded ?

Gil Stacy

It would be useful to the discussion if there has ever been a battery powered radio under 20 cubic inches, costing less than $100, with both synch detection and SSB that someone wishes we consider to be a ULR. If none has appeared at your local Walmart or Hong Kong Ebay merchant, then isn't this discussion a tempest in a teapot? We will cross that bridge when we come to it.
The rules have been modified and expanded over the years. Otherwise, the M37V or E100 would have never been approved because originally, only radios with FM /AM fit the definition. We have had to amend the rules regarding number of batteries. As for "readily available", is there anyone who has not been able to figure out how to buy a Tecsun from Hong Kong for under $75-100?
No one is at risk spending money on a radio to later discover that it is not a ULR. There is a list of approved radios; furthermore, one can always ask before leaping. The purpose of this group is fun; it's not set up to cure world hunger or to eliminate disease. The goal has been to promote dxing on equipment that most folks can afford with few limitations. Those that have the urge to tinker can do so and enter the unlimited class. Those who don't have the urge to tinker may find enjoyment in the hobby for under $100 without worrying about someone else who lives on the coast or has a large expanse of land to support Beverage antennas.
Many hobbies or leisure activities have built-in, artificial or even arbitrary limitations. Some fishermen would not be caught dead with live bait. Golf has rigid equipment specifications. Tennis players can't use pneumatic ball launchers in matches. The ULR rules only become relevant if one is seeking certificates. Otherwise, enjoy your Perseus, Excalibur, Drakes or AORs, and while listening to those, see if you can pick up the station with a RX that cost less than 100 bucks and fits in your pocket.
73, Gil

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