Re: Be a bit more openminded ?

Rob Follett

Now that's funny, Jay!

First, I also use an AR7030+ for spotting. Now, what did that cost originally? We won't even talk about the cost of using a Perseus, including hard disk additions, for spotting :-)

Second, as a ham, I cannot wrap my head around using services like Echolink or IRLP (Internet connected radios) as something fun to do... but that's just me. Yep, tons of radios and software which allow Internet based BC radio streaming.

Third, to Gary, Kevin, et. all, on moderating: I have been a moderator for HFPack Group -- nearly 10,000 members -- for many years. We approve every single message before it can be posted. With that many members, we have many rules including public warnings to members who post w/o cutting down the attached tread message. We will post threads between a moderator and member when we have decided to remove them from the group. We want people to know what we are doing and why -- Mismanaged messages from such a large group drives members away who have enough issues just keeping up with the traffic flow which is relevant to the group.

For this much smaller group, what Gary and Kevin do is very appropriate, in my opinion. The fact is, most members will not publicly object to another member who frequently goes off subject, or is annoying in some form or another. No, they just stop reading the posts from the group, and become inactive -- The moderators need to be sensitive to this -- And they are! The only thing I would ask, is for posters toss most of the messages attached to the thread they are posting to before hitting the enter key.

Forth, I, for one, would be disappointed to see tinkering with the ULDX definitions. They were and are the glue that holds this very special interest group together. If one of you joined this group without understanding what it was about -- shame on you! Adopt or Leave, I say....

73, Bob

What you're looking for does not exist. I have an AR7030+, arguably one of
the best non-professional radios ever made. It is renown for its ability to
deal with strong signals.
My suggestion, get a 3G/4G cell phone with an unlimited data plan and stream
the radio station over the phone.

-- Jay

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