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Hi Jay,
To allow Kevin to finally concentrate on his paid job without distraction (as opposed to yesterday), I'll be happy to answer your above comments.
SSB and synch detector functions are forbidden in the Ultralight Unlimited Class, just like they are in the Barefoot Class. No technically-minded hobbyist would go to the trouble of creating a modified radio that would automatically be disqualified for Ultralight Award purposes.
The Unlimited Class was originally created by John Bryant and me primarily to encourage antenna experimentation. Although other modifications like narrow IF filters are also popular, antenna testing was the main objective. Several of the loopstick and tuned passive loop antenna designs created here in our ULR group have proven popular among the general AM-DXing community, and primarily because of our Unlimited Class, we are a major center of enthusiasm in the AM-DXing experimental world. Most observers would conclude that John Bryant's original goal has been very successfully achieved. Unlimited Class DXers compete only against each other for Ultralight Award purposes, and never against Barefoot Class DXers. Nobody joins the category except by choice, and we never compare "apples to oranges" for Ultralight Award purposes.
The Ultralight Definition criteria are essential for us to have a separate niche group. The guidelines are not difficult or burdensome, but they are also not suitable for everybody. Although our group is one of the major enthusiasm centers in the hobby and is growing at very fast rate, several individuals have repeatedly criticized the Definition criteria, expressing their dissatisfaction over certain restrictions. Frankly, the restrictions are necessary for us to develop a separate Ultralight group identity, and are unlikely to be changed. We have always encouraged open discussion of all aspects of Ultralight DXing and will continue to do so, but for those few non-DXers who insist on re-hashing the same complaints repeatedly, a decision to move on to a different Yahoo group would probably be the best choice for all concerned.
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

Hello Jay and the Group:

   To take this a little further and perhaps a little off the beaten track from what Gary has said above............

Even though the Original ULR Group formation may not have intended to do took a Stagnant AM BCB DX hobby for many Dx'ers, and re-rejuvenated the interest in "Actual Dxing" for said DX'ers. Such things as IBOC, Loss of Clear Channels, Overcrowded Channels and a myriad of Local Noise sources had effectively taken some of the FUN out of the hobby. Using these tiny DX marvels took many of us back to the days when  we first discovered DXing, and made it fun again. a great many of the members of the ULR Group have many Top Line DX Receivers at our disposal should we chose to use them. Many of these Receivers,  I haven't turned on in quite a while....instead I grab a Sony SRF-T615 Stock and Barefoot...mainly because it's just a lot more FUN!!!

As Gary points out, not everyone is going to be pleased with the Parameters.....but these parameters were set by very experienced DXers with more thought put into it than some are giving credit for. If the Parameters were to be modified every time a new Member feels they don't meet his/her needs....eventually we would all be using Drakes, JRC's, AOR's and a bunch of other Professional Communications receivers again...the very sets this group was set up to get us away from. We all know the capabilities of these fine Communications Sets......but what we're trying to do in the ULR Group is Stretch the Limitations of the minimalistic sets.

Think about it....would you Join the Drake Radio group...and then complain because they weren't talking about Collins Radios???? Or join the QRP (Low Power) Ham Group...and then try to get them to change their Parameters to include your 1,000 Amplifier???

We can beat the Dead Horse until we have beaten the ULR Group into the ground.........the end result is......the Parameters are not going to change!!! If you don't like the Shriners....(No Offense to the Shriners!!) don't join the group. Everyone is free to start up any group they wish...including a "SSB ULR GROUP",  an "Over 20 Cubic Inch ULR Group" or whatever tickles your fancy!!! I may even join your group.........and have Fun using Receivers that meet the Parameters that you set up for the group........and I promise I won't try to change a thing!!

Everything aside...the ULR Group is one of the Fastest Growing groups on the Planet. When this group was formed it took a lot of Flack, members were questioned, humiliated, doubted and laughed at by some. In spite of this, the  group continued to grow, nurture and become a leader in DX Accomplishments and Technical Advancement of the Hobby. Our membership continues to grow at an amazing rate, and now includes many "Non Believers" from the early days of the group.

We have wasted far too much time and effort on this last round of bickering...........we may have even lost some great ULR DXers and promoters of the ULR hobby as a result. I hope we have not!!

ULR is can't be everything to everyone....and it's not trying to be. Not everything has to be refined to the nth degree....some things are better left alone and enjoyed for their simplicity.

If everyone who commented on this last round of negotiations had turned on their ULR Radios and made a few DX Loggings and shared them with our members......we may have accomplished something far greater than this latest distraction!

Have FUN with ULR DXing....without the FUN it's nothing.

73.......ROB VA3SW (ULR AWARDS Committee Member and ULR Dxer)

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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