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Having been a monitor for a couple of amateur repeaters years back, and having been publisher for a radio club, I wouldn't expect to see warnings publicly on list. That should be done privately between the moderator and the individual in question. Calling someone out publicly with repeated warnings isn't appropriate moderator activity IMHO, and I am quite confident that this is why you didn't see any warnings from a moderator. You did see it from some of us who aren't moderators, and again speaking from experience, that's something which should quickly cause a moderator to act if they hadn't already.

I'll leave it to someone else to further discuss the specific comments as to the definitions, because I neither know all of the details of what went into them nor am I as concerned about them as some others here are.

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I'm not aware of the history of Neil's discussion of these issues. Obviously that does enter into the situation. I guess I would have expected to see some type of clear warning that continued discussion of the topic would be grounds for suspension. Maybe I missed that. 

I've been a moderator in a couple other groups for several years. Over that time I've only suspended two individuals (not counting spammers). One was repeatedly warned that his behavior was out of line and would result in suspension should it continue. The other replied to a technical message rejection with a suggestion that I do something rude and anatomically impossible. That resulted in immediate and irrevocable loss of posting rights. 

  -- Jay

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