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Jay Heyl

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 15:50, Stephen <pianoplayer88key@...> wrote:

I wonder if a place like,, or maybe might be a better place for me to ask where to find a good pocket MW-only radio under $100 that includes things like variable bandwidth tuning, passband tuning, SSB (so I can select one sideband over the other in the face of extreme ACI), synch detect (or whatever will help cure the distortion with selective fading), etc?  My quest for finding that pocket radio that can receive stations 400+ miles away in the daytime 10 kHz from 50kW stations within a mile or two (without any splatter/desense from the strong pest) still has not been resolved.  

What you're looking for does not exist. I have an AR7030+, arguably one of the best non-professional radios ever made. It is renown for its ability to deal with strong signals. It has all the technical features you want, but it won't come close to fitting in a pocket and when last available its cost was WAY north of $100. The AR7030+ would be unlikely to accomplish the reception you want. 

My suggestion, get a 3G/4G cell phone with an unlimited data plan and stream the radio station over the phone.

  -- Jay

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