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Kevin Schanilec


Thank you for your post. Perhaps a few words of explanation may be helpful. Some here on the Group have expressed dissatisfaction with what is and is not an Ultralight before: that is fine, and I truly mean that. However, I ask members to bear in mind that the definition of an Ultralight has been established for some time and to be realistic about their own preferences being incorporated, and at some point I believe it's time to stop belaboring a particular issue.

Though perhaps arbitrarily selected, the limits in the definitions form the basis of the approach to this niche of the hobby. Again, opinion posts disagreeing with that basis are fine, but at some point they start to detract from the operation and enjoyment of the Group. If a post goes further and, in my opinion, essentially dares the Moderator to either take action lest the protest continue, at some point a decision has to be made. While Neil's ability to post is suspended, if he wants to continue contributing, that would be great - all we ask is that he accept the criteria that form the basis of the Group, and I would welcome a private email from him if that is his intention. If on the other hand he firmly believes that an Ultralight should be something else, this obviously isn't the Group for him.

I truly hope you don't interpret this latest issue as stifling discussion, and that you stay with the Group. The last thing I want to do is to alienate either Ultralight DXers or, equally, those DXers who may not necessarily identify as such but find value in the discussion here.

Thanks - Kevin

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Jay Heyl <yahoogroups@...> wrote:

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 09:48, dhsatyadhana <dhsatyadhana@...> wrote:

As I read Neil's latest post, he requests that his ability to post messages
or files to the Group be suspended rather than voluntarily moving on. So, I
have obliged him and have done so.

You apparently read Neil's post very differently that did I. He wasn't being
disrespectful. He wasn't being disruptive. He was rationally discussing a
topic related to this group.

Suspending someone for rationally expressing an on-topic opinion is a great
way to stifle the discussion and kill the group. It's now clear that members
here need to be fearful of angering the moderators every time they post. If
this is the way this group is going to be run, I won't be staying much

-- Jay

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