Re: Any ideas who this is, on 1710 khz 0500-0600 utc,


I'm also hearing this too in NJ, just after sunrise while getting
ready to go to work. All of the music seems to be religious in nature
judged by the lyrics and type of melodies. Also they're announcing
the time from a clock that is 2 minutes slow...

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I also hear Spanish on 1710. Constant music but once in a while a
girl comes on and says something in Spanish. It is faint on my PL-380
here in Lake Villa (North of Chicago). >
One day I was out driving and I tuned the car radio to 1710 and
heard the same Spanish music. But this time it was about 9 AM and the
signal was stronger. I drove about 5 miles into the city of Waukegan
and the signal got much stronger - the strength of a local station.

The point here is that I believe that this station is a low power
transmitter run by a local organization (church?). It may be legal as
I see low power AM transmitting kits (1 watt or less) on the
internet. >
A few days ago I heard another low power transmission on 1710 kHz.
This time in English and broadcasting an old time radio drama. I
followed the signal in my car and located it in Antioch IL. They had
a legal ID on the TOH ("This is WEDM the Antioch broadcasting
network"). >
Perhaps your signal is a similar low power quasi-legal station and
you are receiving it at a time which allows for longer distance
reception. >
My suggestion is that you also drive around and see if the station
comes in stronger. >
Ed Semrad
Lake Villa IL

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A Spanish language pirate was reported on 1710 in the Hartford,
CT area. > >
One or more pirates in Haitian Creole (Africanized French) are in
the Boston-Brockton, MA area. > >
In New York City, there is (or was) the Lubavitscher Jewish
pirate with English, Hebrew, and Yiddish. > >
I think that there are numerous pirates around the Miami, FL area
also. On a clear channel like 1710, even 5 or 10 watts can get out.
Some of these stations are running more than that. > >
Mark Connelly, WA1ION
Billerica, MA + South Yarmouth, MA, USA

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I've heard Spanish music on 1710 kHz the past two nights
between 0500 and 0600 > > > Utc (1:00am 2:00am Eastern). Nothing
sounding like regular commercials, > > > just music. Heard from
Rochester, NY > > >
Just out of noise floor on the Tecsun PL310, a little better
on the Eton E1 but not much. > > >
The only listing I find is a station in Argentina, but I'm
skeptical on this being them - perhaps it's a pirate?

Anyone got the skinny on who's on 1710khz?

Gregory Mosher

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