Re: Be a bit more openminded ?

Jay Heyl

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 09:48, dhsatyadhana <dhsatyadhana@...> wrote:
As I read Neil's latest post, he requests that his ability to post messages or files to the Group be suspended rather than voluntarily moving on.  So, I have obliged him and have done so.

You apparently read Neil's post very differently that did I. He wasn't being disrespectful. He wasn't being disruptive. He was rationally discussing a topic related to this group.

Suspending someone for rationally expressing an on-topic opinion is a great way to stifle the discussion and kill the group. It's now clear that members here need to be fearful of angering the moderators every time they post. If this is the way this group is going to be run, I won't be staying much longer.

  -- Jay 

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