What Is an Ultralight Radio?

Kevin Schanilec

Hi Michael:

Thanks for your question. The Ultralight Definitions are in the Files section, in Folders 1 and 2, here on the Group, and are listed below as well.

Let us know how the G8 experiments go! This would be an "unlimited class" Ultralight which will hopefully allow you to pull in a lot of good DX.

Thanks - Kevin S

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The Ultralight Definitions

1. It is a simple shirt pocket-sized radio of not more than approximately 20 cubic inches.
2. It is an entertainment-grade radio, as opposed to enthusiast's radio. As such, it will usually not have AM synchronous detection, SSB clarification or other specialized features.
3. It is readily available to the hobby in new or used markets at the time of its approval.
4. It costs no more than $100 retail at the time of approval.
5. It is primarily a radio. While it may have other features as well (MP3 recorder, etc.), the design and function should have radio reception as its focus.
6. It is not a "novelty radio" such as Coca Cola Can radio, Mr. Potato Head, etc.

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I just joined, but must have missed the definition of acceptable receiver parameters.
I would appreciate a link to this.

I hope to build a directly or inductively coupled ferrite antenna
and a noise canceller for my newly-aquired G8.


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