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Hi Russ. If they are terminated loops (like the Flag) you can have
them closer if the cardioid single-null of each is 180 (or 90) degrees
different from the other.

If normal bidirectional loops, you'd need to separate them at least 100
ft. if they're pointed the same way. Less distance is OK if they are
at a right angle to each other, i.e. goniometer configuration.


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Mark - If one had two 8' corner fed broadband loops and they were
located in the same plane, but fed from opposite directions, thus
creating different reception patterns, would the 100' distance between
them be needed for phasing ?

This is something we discussed at LBI this past weekend, as we don't
have the space to separate them by much at all.

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Many DXers are using the "Quantum Phaser" sold by RadioPlus. See
"" for more information.

Alternately there are several homebrew designs from the simple to the
complex available on my tech page
"" and Dallas Lankford's page

If the antennas used have the same pick-up pattern, they should be
placed at least 100 ft. / 30 m apart, otherwise you null everything
together - noise/pests and desired DX as well. If the antennas have
different pick-up patterns: loop versus vertical, or two loops at a
right angle, they can be located closer together, maybe about 10 ft. /
3 m apart, and still allow nulling of one pest station or noise signal
without appreciably weakening stations you want to hear.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION
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