Re: urban gospel on 1300

John Cereghin <pastor@...>

Thanks, Allen.  Really, there are 4 good local and semi-local possibilities that I have to try and the Cleveland station is on my "suspect" list!

Gonna sit on 1300 some tonight and tomorrow morning.  I'll pull an ID out of 'em one way or another!

John Cereghin

Allen Willie wrote:

I've been tracking an urban gospel station on 1300 for several days
now, under WJFK in Baltimore. They never ID, there are no ads or
announcements, just continuous urban gospel songs, and there was no ID
at 0700 this morning. I was assuming WIMG in Ewing NJ but their
webstream wasn't matching what I was hearing. Very frustrating!

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE
After I realized there's another station on 1300 as a possibility , 1300 WJMO Cleveland Ohio has a gospel music/urban talk format . I've heard it here also before. They used to be WERE So may be another possibility for you .
Allen Willie
St. John's. Newfoundland

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