michael9236 <michael.setaazul@...>

I just joined the group, having bought a G8 today. First impressions are good, very good for size and price. Static soon killed the frontend FET in my E5. Any chance this could happen with the G8 - or is it properly protected? I assume the schematic remains elusive - or is it downloadable somewhere? The sensitivity issue does not seem serious. With a short ferrite LW reception will always be poor. The jpgs indicate the winding may be centered on MW, presumably untuned, with LW thrown in for the few in Europe, such as me, who have interest in stations. As with other receivers, a tuned longer ferrite placed
along the top of the G8 couples inductively and produces very good
results, making risky tinkering with the internal ferrite winding superfluous. (I posted this idea decades ago in the UK publication Practical Wireless!) I look forward to learning from the experience of all of you. 73s, Michael

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