KTRB San Francisco

Mark Roberts

KTRB, 860 kHz, 50 kW, DA-N, which was moved to San Francisco from
Modesto, CA a few years ago, has temporarily ceased full-time
operations. Earlier this year, it moved its daytime site to use one of
the towers of KFAX. I noticed this afternoon at 5 pm, current local
sunset, that KTRB signed off and said it would resume in the morning
at 6:45.

A couple of months ago, the station went into receivership. The
"original" site, SE of Livermore, was so remote that electric power
could not be brought to the site. The station instead ran on

The FCC granted an STA to KTRB on October 15 allowing it to run at
reduced power at night. The station's CE explained to the FCC that the
original two generators had worn out. A rental generator had been
procured, but it could only run the transmitter at 20 kW.

While the FCC granted that STA, it now appears that the station ceased
nighttime operation altogether. There is another STA application,
dated November 3, not yet granted, with this explanation:

"The receiver of station KTRB is in the process of attempting to sell
the station or to find an acceptable time broker to provide
programming for the station. During such efforts, insufficient funds
are available to operate the station on an unlimited basis, as
authorized by the KTRB license. As a result, the receiver hereby
seeks authorization to cease night time operation on the station until
such time as a programmer or an agreement to purchase the station is
finalized. The station ceased operating during nighttime hours with
night time facility on October 15, 2010. The station signs off in the
evening and on in the morning at times consistent
with the average sunrise and sunset times established in its license.
The receiver intends to return the station to night time operation as
soon as programming arrangements can be effectuated. The receiver
calls to the FCC's intention [sic] that the station currently airs
certain football games. To the extent that such
games continue beyond the time that the station would ordinarily
switch to night time operation (and now sign off), the station will
switch to its night time operating parameters and continue to operate
until the end of the football broadcast and then cease operation for
the night."

While the STA has not been granted, clearly the station is (mostly)
not operating at night. The football games mentioned are Oakland
Raiders NFL games; there wasn't one this week.

It may be a DX opportunity if, in the apparent chaos, KTRB were to
happen to not go to its DA site at night, at least when there's a
Raiders game on.

It's hard to say when this situation will be cleared up....

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