300-in-30 Days Challenge Day 13

John Cereghin <pastor@...>

Two more logs for the Challenge on Tuesday, while still trying to
"clean up" on some of those "easier to hear" stations. A surprise was
WMBS-590 in Uniontown PA, with standards and a nice ID at 1915
Eastern. Usually, WARM in Scranton PA is more dominant but it was
nice to hear WMBS again, which is not often heard here in Delaware.
WMBS was also a new addition to the UL log and I am now at 375
stations total, mainly using the DT-200VX.

For the Challenge, I'm now at 240 stations after 13 days. Hopefully,
with the Fall Follies next week, adding those last 60 stations will be
a snap!

I've been tracking an urban gospel station on 1300 for several days
now, under WJFK in Baltimore. They never ID, there are no ads or
announcements, just continuous urban gospel songs, and there was no ID
at 0700 this morning. I was assuming WIMG in Ewing NJ but their
webstream wasn't matching what I was hearing. Very frustrating!

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

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