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Hi... you had a much better session than me. I could hardly make out anything through much 50/00 desense, being only 1/3mi SE of 23kW 1300-KAZN and 50kW 1430-KMRB this AM. I started checking around 1420 (slept through my 1300 alarm) and gave up around 1500 or shortly thereafter.

I made recordings of a few frequencies, but am not ready to upload them yet. I thought I could hear traces of audio through the 41/00 on 1593, 45/00 on 1566 (but I suspect it was after HLAZ's antenna change), 50/00 on 1476 (to try to check for that unID), 50/00 on 1404, 50/00 on 1377, 49/00 on 1368 (with a 2k het), and 45/00 on 1242 (with 2k het), but the audio if any was buried deep in the desense, and I never could even tell what type of program was on.
I definitely did hear audio on 1161 reading 49/00, but had difficulty reading it, in part to being under the desense, and using 1kHz mode. That one probably could have been 1160-XEQIN.
Also I heard hets on 1458, 1359, 1341, 1269, and 1251. However, every several seconds or so they would step up or down anywhere from about 50 cents to a couple semitones approximately, so I wonder if they aren't true hets at all, but are related to the extreme desense from being so close to a local pest. In fact, 1430-KMRB was overloading the PL-380 to the point of audio distortion on the channel when the Select-A-Tenna was tuned there, and even without it, I was getting 50/00 desense from around 1220 (there was also the aforementioned 1300) to 1550 or so, possibly wider, and 49/00 (barefoot) from around 970 to 1710, also contributed to by 50kW IBOC 1110-KDIS about 4 1/2 mi away.

I wonder if I should have checked the low end of the band instead? Or are there any tips for getting TPs through all the clutter in L.A. when I visit my grandma (who lives near the aforementioned pests)? It does seem the 50kW 1/3 mi to the northwest is making TP DX a bit difficult.

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Hello All,

Asian TP signals dropped off significantly here this morning
(compared to yesterday), in agreement with the lackluster results reported by
Richard and Nigel. Here on the west coast a few "big gun" TP's managed fair to
good audio, however, as it was "survival of the fittest" in a typically
mediocre late-season session.
"Big gun" signals on 594, 648, 657, 747, 774, 828, 972 and 1134 were
up and down in strength from 1400-1515, but "sunrise enhancement" didn't
really enhance anything. The second-tier TP's tended to stay down in the
noise, and Asian propagation wrapped up early around 1515 this morning.
657-Pyongyang's infamous transmitter continues to muffle the high audio
frequencies, thankfully silencing most of the loud Korean tirades and 1948-vintage
music. Unfortunately the same noxious NK programming has now shown up on
648-VOR's Korean program (after 1500) for two days in a row, providing DXers
the dubious chance to hear the rude shouting and obsolete music in rare high

The following were heard on a C.Crane SWP Slider model (7.5"
loopstick) inductively coupled to a 9' sided PVC-frame tuned passive loop (in the
rainy back yard). A modified ICF-2010 (30" loopstick) was used as an SSB
spotting receiver:

558 HLQH Daegu, S. Korea (presumed) Fair music at 1422,
but no 603 // available for identity check
594 JOAK Tokyo, Japan Good Japanese interview program
at 1455 _
648 VOR Razdolnoye, Russia The OM and YL "tirade twins"
from 657-NK back after 1500 for the Korean program
657 Pyongyang BS, North Korea Good strength, but rickety
transmitter cutting off the high audio frequencies during
the obsolete music at 1451
_ (
738 BEL2 Penghu, Taiwan Poor-fair Chinese talk at 1445
747 JOIB Sapporo, Japan Good Basic English lessons 1430
774 JOUB Akita, Japan Fair English lessons in KTTH splatter
828 JOBB Osaka, Japan Good Basic English lessons at
1443 _
936 Anhui, China (presumed) Threshold music at 1338
972 HLCA Very good (in splatter) with interval music and
YL Korean speech at 1505
_ (
1134 KBS3 Hwaseong, S. Korea Good Korean speech in
splatter around 1428
1566 HLAZ Jeju, S. Korea Good Japanese religious program
at 1340 (before antenna change)

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock

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