Filling in the log-FARMERIK


Lots of AM signals tonight, so I am filling in holes in my log here in North East Connecticut.-

CIHI 1260 Fredericton, NB 10KW with NW/SE pattern, [I am SW]
C&W music they call 'Country Rock' Mention of [FM] CKHJ, also in same city. Radio Disney station fades in and out in the back round. I've had this before and only heard the shortened KHJ ID for the FM side.

WDGJ 'Talk 1300' Rensselaer, NY [Albany area] 10KW/8KW directional NW,[ I am SE] TOH says NEWS TALK RADIO but sports were the topic.

WDER 1320 Derry New Hampshire which in SE corner of state. 10KW/1KW Christian programs, Chuck Christmier [?sp] host talking.

WXBR 1460 Brockton MA.[South of Boston, East of Rhode Island] 5KW/1KW with directional antenna East [I am West]
Oldies show ' Backseat Memories' with Dennis D.

WDCD 1540 Albany , NY 50KW Christian programs, SW Bible Church ? Noah Hutchings ministry. Ad for Unshackled program.

A good night. These stations are all in the mud. - FARMERIK

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