Re: Newfoundland Ultralight Trans-Atlantics Report Nov 12-13 Summary

Paul Logan

Hi Allen,

re your Russian language on 1521 I can tell you that the only thing I hear in RR on that frequency is China. Have you ever heard CRI before?

I will keep an eye open in the coming days to see if CRI is still on at that time. Reception can be patchy here sometimes it completely dominates the channel while others times its in the mix with England and Saudi.


Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

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Subject: [ultralightdx] Newfoundland Ultralight Trans-Atlantics Report Nov 12-13 Summary
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Date: Sunday, 14 November, 2010, 21:49


Hello Everyone,

Due to the windy and colder conditions today I was unable to complete all 3 DX sessions over the weekend as planned up at Ladie's Lookout near Signal Hill, Newfoundland. However, Friday and Saturday evening offered better weather conditions and 2 sessions were completed with the logs listed below.

Stations from Spain dominated the two day affair and 2 new stations were added to the Ultralight Log

Saturday's monitoring at 20:20 UT discovered a signal on 1521 khz under the Saudi station with a woman in Russian language. Not sure if this is Urumqi in China as no other details and the time seems a bit late for it.
Also an unidentified on 1296 khz at 19:52 UT with Drumbeat music and vocals, possibly Sudan, any ideas ?

621 khz–CANARY ISLANDS–Radio Nacional Tenerife 20:26 UT/13 man in Spanish (weak)
684 khz–SPAIN-Radio Nacional Espana Sevilla 19:35 UT/12 woman in Spanish
693 khz-ENGLAND–BBC Five Live 20:25UT/12 talk (Arabic underneath ?)
729 khz–SPAIN-R. Nacional Oveido 20:25 UT/12 Spanish talk by man
756 khz –SPAIN-R. Euskadi,Bilbao 20:24UT/13 man in Basque language
774 khz-SPAIN-R.Nacional Valencia 20:26UT/12 man in Spanish
855 khz-SPAIN-R.Nacional Murcia 19:33UT/12 commentary in Spanish
864 khz-FRANCE-France Bleue,Paris 20:24/12 French talk & music
882khz-ENGLAND-BBC Wales Washford 20:27UT/12 talk
882khz-CANARY ISLANDS-COPE Tenerife 20:27UT/12 Spanish mixing with BBC
900khz-SPAIN-R. Popular de Bilbao,Bilbao 20:26UT/12 Spanish talk,music (weak)
909khz-ENGLAND-BBC Radio Five Live,Moorside Edge 20:23 UT/13 Twitter talk
954 khz-SPAIN-Onda Cero Radio,Madrid 20:28UT/12 Spanish commentary
963khz-PORTUGAL-R.Sim,Seixal 20:24UT/12 man in Portugeuse talk
981khz-PORTUGAL-R.Sim,Coimbra 19:32UT/12 pop songs,Portugeuse talk (**NEW)
999khz-SPAIN-COPE Madrid 19:45UT/12 Spanish talk (fair)
1008khz-CANARY ISLANDS-R. Punto Arucas 20:22UT/12 two men in Spanish
1017khz-SPAIN-R.Nacional 5,Burgos 20:21UT/12 two men talk Spanish
1026khz-SPAIN-SER Reus 20:21/12 woman in Spanish
1044khz-SPAIN-SER San Sebastian 20:28UT/13 Spanish talk (Strong)//1080 khz
1053khz-LIBYA-R. Jamahiriyah,Tripoli 20:20UT/12 Arabic talk (over England)
1062khz-ITALY-RAI1 Cagliari 20:24UT/12 Italian talk,pop music
1080khz-SPAIN-SER Huesca 20:20UT/12 Spanish talk (mixing with 2 listed on 1080
1080khz-SPAIN-Onda Cero Toledo 20:20UT/12 Spanish **NEW**
1080khz-IRAN-VOIRI Abadan 20:20UT/12 Persian music and talk
1089khz-ENGLAND-Talksport Radio 19:44UT/12 talk
1107khz-SPAIN-R Nacional 5 20:20UT/13 Spanish woman and man //1098
1116khz-SPAIN-SER Radio 20:18/13 woman describing sports event
1125khz-SPAIN-R.Nacional 5 19:42UT/12 man in Spanish (Strong)
1134khz-CROATIA-Hrvatske R. Zadar 19:52UT/12 man in Croatian (mixing with Spain)
1152khz-SPAIN-R.Nacional 5 20:25UT/12 Spanish talk by two men
1161khz-IRAN-VOIRI Abadan 20:20UT/12 Relaying Voice of Palestine
1179khz-SPAIN-SER Valencia 20:28UT/13 Spanish sports commentary
1251khz-LIBYA-Voice of Africa Tripoli 20:29UT/13 Arabic talk
1269khz-SPAIN-COPE Ciudad Real 20:10UT/13 Lively Spanish commentary
1287khz-SPAIN-SER 20:00UT/12 Spanish commentary
1296khz-Unidentified 19:52UT/13 African beat music and vocals(mx Spain) Sudan ?
1305khz-SPAIN-R.Nacional 5 19:30UT/12 woman with Spanish commentary
1314khz-SPAIN-R.Nacional 5 20:10UT/13 man in Spanish //1305
1323khz-GERMANY-Voice of Russia via Wachenbrunn 20:29UT/12 woman in French
1341khz-NORTHERN IRELAND-BBC Radio Ulster 19:51UT/12 talk (mx w/ Hungary)
1341khz-HUNGARY, Magyar R. Katolikas 19:52UT/12 religious program in Hungarian
1341khz-Unidentified 19:54UT/12 a fast paced talker non English noted here in addition to above 2 stations
1377khz-FRANCE-France Info 20:00UT/13 woman with news in French
1386khz-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia Bilbao 19:50UT/12 pop songs,talk in Basque
1395khz-ALBANIA-Transworld Radio via Fllake 19:50UT/12 man in Hungarian (like a local)
1404khz-FRANCE-France Info Brest 20:09UT/13 French talk
1413khz-SPAIN-R. Nacional 5 20:06UT/12 man and woman Spanish commentary
1422khz-ALGERIA-R.Culture,Alger 19:48UT/12 two men in Arabic
1431khz-DJIBOUTI-R.Sawa Arta 20:02UT/12 Arabic pop songs
1440khz-LUXEMBOURG-China Radio Relay via Marnach 19:49UT/12 Chinese music
1449khz-LIBYA-Voice of the Great Homeland Misurata 20:06/12 Arabic news
1458khz-ALBANIA-China Radio Relay via Fllake 20:18UT/12 Chinese music
1476khz-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia,Biribilondo 20:02UT/12 political talk by woman in Basque language
1485khz-SPAIN-SER Santander 19:47UT/12 two men in Spanish
1494khz-FRANCE-France Info Clermont 19:47UT/12 man in French news items
1503khz-SPAIN-R. Nacional 5 19:57UT/13 Spanish commentary (Strong)
1521khz-Unidentified 20:20 UT/12 Russian talk (only detail) Urumqi Relay CRI ?
1521khz-SAUDI ARABIA-BSKSA Duba 19:50UT/12 Arabic talk music
1530khz-VATICAN STATE – Vatican Radio 20:29 UT/13 Interval Signal
1530khz-SAO TOME – VOA Relay Pinheira 20:29 UT/13 drum music and vocals mix w/ Vatican
1548khz-KUWAIT-R.Sawa Kuwait City 19:38UT/12 Arabic music talk
1557khz-FRANCE-France Info,Nice 20:04UT/12 News in French
1575khz-ITALY-RAI1 Genova 19:46UT/12 woman in Italian commentary
1584khz-SPAIN-SER R. Orense 20:04UT/12 woman talking in Spanish
1593khz-KUWAIT-R. Free Iraq relayed 19:54UT/13 Arabic talk, music & singing
1602khz-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia R Vittoria 20:12UT/12 Spanish talk(Strong) mx w/ another Spanish station

Receivers: SRF-M37V barefoot SRF-39FP barefoot

Good DX

Allen Willie

St. John's,Newfoundland

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