Newfoundland Ultralight Trans-Atlantics Report Nov 12-13 Summary

Allen Willie

Hello Everyone,

Due to the windy and colder conditions today I was unable to complete all 3 DX sessions over the weekend as planned up at Ladie's Lookout near Signal Hill, Newfoundland. However, Friday and Saturday evening offered better weather conditions and 2 sessions were completed with the logs listed below.

Stations from Spain dominated the two day affair and 2 new stations were added to the Ultralight Log

Saturday's monitoring at 20:20 UT discovered a signal on 1521 khz under the Saudi station with a woman in Russian language. Not sure if this is Urumqi in China as no other details and the time seems a bit late for it.
Also an unidentified on 1296 khz at 19:52 UT with Drumbeat music and vocals, possibly Sudan, any ideas ?

621 khz–CANARY ISLANDS–Radio Nacional Tenerife 20:26 UT/13 man in Spanish (weak)
684 khz–SPAIN-Radio Nacional Espana Sevilla 19:35 UT/12 woman in Spanish
693 khz-ENGLAND–BBC Five Live 20:25UT/12 talk (Arabic underneath ?)
729 khz–SPAIN-R. Nacional Oveido 20:25 UT/12 Spanish talk by man
756 khz –SPAIN-R. Euskadi,Bilbao 20:24UT/13 man in Basque language
774 khz-SPAIN-R.Nacional Valencia 20:26UT/12 man in Spanish
855 khz-SPAIN-R.Nacional Murcia 19:33UT/12 commentary in Spanish
864 khz-FRANCE-France Bleue,Paris 20:24/12 French talk & music
882khz-ENGLAND-BBC Wales Washford 20:27UT/12 talk
882khz-CANARY ISLANDS-COPE Tenerife 20:27UT/12 Spanish mixing with BBC
900khz-SPAIN-R. Popular de Bilbao,Bilbao 20:26UT/12 Spanish talk,music (weak)
909khz-ENGLAND-BBC Radio Five Live,Moorside Edge 20:23 UT/13 Twitter talk
954 khz-SPAIN-Onda Cero Radio,Madrid 20:28UT/12 Spanish commentary
963khz-PORTUGAL-R.Sim,Seixal 20:24UT/12 man in Portugeuse talk
981khz-PORTUGAL-R.Sim,Coimbra 19:32UT/12 pop songs,Portugeuse talk (**NEW)
999khz-SPAIN-COPE Madrid 19:45UT/12 Spanish talk (fair)
1008khz-CANARY ISLANDS-R. Punto Arucas 20:22UT/12 two men in Spanish
1017khz-SPAIN-R.Nacional 5,Burgos 20:21UT/12 two men talk Spanish
1026khz-SPAIN-SER Reus 20:21/12 woman in Spanish
1044khz-SPAIN-SER San Sebastian 20:28UT/13 Spanish talk (Strong)//1080 khz
1053khz-LIBYA-R. Jamahiriyah,Tripoli 20:20UT/12 Arabic talk (over England)
1062khz-ITALY-RAI1 Cagliari 20:24UT/12 Italian talk,pop music
1080khz-SPAIN-SER Huesca 20:20UT/12 Spanish talk (mixing with 2 listed on 1080
1080khz-SPAIN-Onda Cero Toledo 20:20UT/12 Spanish **NEW**
1080khz-IRAN-VOIRI Abadan 20:20UT/12 Persian music and talk
1089khz-ENGLAND-Talksport Radio 19:44UT/12 talk
1107khz-SPAIN-R Nacional 5 20:20UT/13 Spanish woman and man //1098
1116khz-SPAIN-SER Radio 20:18/13 woman describing sports event
1125khz-SPAIN-R.Nacional 5 19:42UT/12 man in Spanish (Strong)
1134khz-CROATIA-Hrvatske R. Zadar 19:52UT/12 man in Croatian (mixing with Spain)
1152khz-SPAIN-R.Nacional 5 20:25UT/12 Spanish talk by two men
1161khz-IRAN-VOIRI Abadan 20:20UT/12 Relaying Voice of Palestine
1179khz-SPAIN-SER Valencia 20:28UT/13 Spanish sports commentary
1251khz-LIBYA-Voice of Africa Tripoli 20:29UT/13 Arabic talk
1269khz-SPAIN-COPE Ciudad Real 20:10UT/13 Lively Spanish commentary
1287khz-SPAIN-SER 20:00UT/12 Spanish commentary
1296khz-Unidentified 19:52UT/13 African beat music and vocals(mx Spain) Sudan ?
1305khz-SPAIN-R.Nacional 5 19:30UT/12 woman with Spanish commentary
1314khz-SPAIN-R.Nacional 5 20:10UT/13 man in Spanish //1305
1323khz-GERMANY-Voice of Russia via Wachenbrunn 20:29UT/12 woman in French
1341khz-NORTHERN IRELAND-BBC Radio Ulster 19:51UT/12 talk (mx w/ Hungary)
1341khz-HUNGARY, Magyar R. Katolikas 19:52UT/12 religious program in Hungarian
1341khz-Unidentified 19:54UT/12 a fast paced talker non English noted here in addition to above 2 stations
1377khz-FRANCE-France Info 20:00UT/13 woman with news in French
1386khz-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia Bilbao 19:50UT/12 pop songs,talk in Basque
1395khz-ALBANIA-Transworld Radio via Fllake 19:50UT/12 man in Hungarian (like a local)
1404khz-FRANCE-France Info Brest 20:09UT/13 French talk
1413khz-SPAIN-R. Nacional 5 20:06UT/12 man and woman Spanish commentary
1422khz-ALGERIA-R.Culture,Alger 19:48UT/12 two men in Arabic
1431khz-DJIBOUTI-R.Sawa Arta 20:02UT/12 Arabic pop songs
1440khz-LUXEMBOURG-China Radio Relay via Marnach 19:49UT/12 Chinese music
1449khz-LIBYA-Voice of the Great Homeland Misurata 20:06/12 Arabic news
1458khz-ALBANIA-China Radio Relay via Fllake 20:18UT/12 Chinese music
1476khz-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia,Biribilondo 20:02UT/12 political talk by woman in Basque language
1485khz-SPAIN-SER Santander 19:47UT/12 two men in Spanish
1494khz-FRANCE-France Info Clermont 19:47UT/12 man in French news items
1503khz-SPAIN-R. Nacional 5 19:57UT/13 Spanish commentary (Strong)
1521khz-Unidentified 20:20 UT/12 Russian talk (only detail) Urumqi Relay CRI ?
1521khz-SAUDI ARABIA-BSKSA Duba 19:50UT/12 Arabic talk music
1530khz-VATICAN STATE – Vatican Radio 20:29 UT/13 Interval Signal
1530khz-SAO TOME – VOA Relay Pinheira 20:29 UT/13 drum music and vocals mix w/ Vatican
1548khz-KUWAIT-R.Sawa Kuwait City 19:38UT/12 Arabic music talk
1557khz-FRANCE-France Info,Nice 20:04UT/12 News in French
1575khz-ITALY-RAI1 Genova 19:46UT/12 woman in Italian commentary
1584khz-SPAIN-SER R. Orense 20:04UT/12 woman talking in Spanish
1593khz-KUWAIT-R. Free Iraq relayed 19:54UT/13 Arabic talk, music & singing
1602khz-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia R Vittoria 20:12UT/12 Spanish talk(Strong) mx w/ another Spanish station

Receivers: SRF-M37V barefoot SRF-39FP barefoot

Good DX

Allen Willie

St. John's,Newfoundland

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