David Alpert

As Stephen noted a couple days ago, KDIS-1110 was off the air for a few hours Friday. I've received this email from the station's CE:

"I had the station off from 1030pm to 300am Thu night/Fri morning. We are installing a much-needed 2nd harmonic/notch filter to keep KTNQ 1020 out of our transmitters and spewing out a mix on 1200kc. This has always been there, but it took my expertise in Spanish to identify exactly WHO it was. (My predecessors seemed to think it was a "distant Mexican station on 1200kHz that was mixing with our 2nd harmonic frequency. I guess they forgot 1200 is a clear channel for WOAI/San Antonio and it's unlikely anyone should be on that frequency out of Mexico, or most anywhere else for that matter!) We will have some more down time next week, but I'm at the mercy of our consultants' schedule. As soon as I know something I'll let you know!

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