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Hi Stephen, it seems as though chatrooms have lost the popularity they held a few years ago. I use to own and moderate a chatroom for a different hobby. Use to have some good crowds (10-15 people) and some good times chatting. But the users slowly lost interest and dwindled away. The room sits empty now, don't think anyone has been there in the last year.

I'm still in contact with some of the friends I made there via AIM, but nobody seems to be interested in a group chat.

Now I wouldn't mind joining an Ultralightdx chat as you suggest, but I'd prefer it not be policed as tight as you suggest. Sure, we don't want it taken over by people using $100,000 radio systems and antennas, but I wouldn't want to be "kicked" just because I want to discuss my PL-390 or mention what I heard on my Ebay $75 beat to heck Sony 2010. :)

Jerry, KD0GS
Longmont, CO

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Hi all....

Is there one that regularly features members here? I've lurked some in #mwdx, and am thinking I'd prefer to IRC with DXers that are,

So where's the #ultralightdx channel? It's not on StarChat where #mwdx is - I tried joining it and ended up creating it temporarily, and I'm not up to operating a channel. I just would prefer to chat with DXers more my size - ones that use equipment that doesn't have SSB, the radio including external physically connected components is under 20 cubic inches (an inductively coupled antenna wouldn't count toward the limit, but a slider loopstick would), and the radio, including modifications and external antennas, cost no more than $100 total. ;) Of course I know there's this group, but it's not exactly real time.

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