Is there an #ultralightdx IRC channel? #ultralightdx


Hi all....

Is there one that regularly features members here? I've lurked some in #mwdx, and am thinking I'd prefer to IRC with DXers that are, so to speak, more my size. :) For example, they're using things like Perseus SDRs, 1000' beverages, Wellbrooks, phasers, etc - things that IIRC the cost of ONE component in their setup would exceed everything all of us ultralight DXers have ever spent on ultralight gear and antennas in our lifetimes, combined. Not to mention they have leadins to their antennas and can use them remotely, and aren't inductively coupling their radios' ferrite loopsticks to their antennas and using the radio right there at the antenna.
Naturally, they seem to have such superior equipment to mine that at local noon it seems they would be able to clearly hear TAs on 639, 711, 810, 999, 1071, 1089, or 1530 while climbing KFI, KIRO, KGO, KOMO, KNX, XEPRS, or KFBK's tower(s), or TPs on 711, 720, 810, 1080, 1089, 1170, 1180, or 1521 while climbing WOR, WGN, WGY, WTIC, WBAL, WWVA, WHAM, or WWKB's tower(s). By comparison, my equipment would only be capable of hearing those locals, they'd be leaking into the FM band, and would just barely be detectable about 10-15dB below the noise level even on their assigned frequency.

So where's the #ultralightdx channel? It's not on StarChat where #mwdx is - I tried joining it and ended up creating it temporarily, and I'm not up to operating a channel. I just would prefer to chat with DXers more my size - ones that use equipment that doesn't have SSB, the radio including external physically connected components is under 20 cubic inches (an inductively coupled antenna wouldn't count toward the limit, but a slider loopstick would), and the radio, including modifications and external antennas, cost no more than $100 total. ;) Of course I know there's this group, but it's not exactly real time.

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