Newfoundland Ultralight Domestics Report Nov 13

Allen Willie

Hello To All,

A session of early Dxing this morning (Saturday) on the homefront produced a good number of logs including many US big guns and a few surprises not heard in a while at this location. Duration was 2 Hours from 8:35 UT – 10:35 UT
Receiver: SRF-M37V barefoot

560-WGAN-Portland,Maine 9:07UT/13 Coast to Coast talk show,ID
570-CFCB-Cornerbrook,NL 8:52UT/13 VOCM Relay ,country music
660-WFAN-New York,NY 9:14UT/13 Football Sports talk
670-WSCR-Chicago,Illinois 9:14UT/13 Sportstalk
680-WRKO-Boston,Mass 8:53UT/13 Talk Show
710 –WOR-New York,NY 9:15UT/13 Talk show over semi - local CKVO
720-WGN-Chicago,Illinois 8:44 UT/13 Talk,ID
730-CKAC-Montreal,Que 8:30 UT/13 french pop music (instead of usual talk/news)
740-CFZM-Toronto,Ont 8:45 UT/13 Toronto's One & Only AM-740 Beatles song
760-WJR-Detroit,Mich 8:35 UT/13 weather,ID
770-WABC-New York,NY 8:32 UT/13 Infomercial program
850-WEEI-Boston,Mass 8:33 UT/13 ESPN Radio iD,sportstalk
860-CJBC-Toronto,Ont 8:47UT/13 French talk
870-WWL-New Orleans,LA 10:01 UT/13 CBS News ,ID
880-WCBS-New York,NY 8:34UT/13 Ad Freedom18,ID
890-WAMG-Dedham,Mass 10:07UT/13 Spanish talk/music
900-CKDH-Amherst,Nova Scotia 8:36UT/13 Train song (Unidentified underneath)
970-WZAN-Portland,Maine 9:09UT/13 Talk show about Harry Potter
990-CKGM-Montreal,Que 9:40UT/13 under CBY with sportstalk
1000-WMVP-Chicago,Ill 8:56UT/13 College football talk
1010-WINS-New York,NY 8:37UT/13 Saturday Night Live talk,CFRB under WINS
1030-WBZ-Boston,Mass 8:48UT/13 Talk show,ID
1040-WHO-Des Moines,Iowa 8:57UT talk show
1050-WEPN-New York,NY 8:38UT/13 ESPN ID,sportstalk/CHUM underneath
1050 –CHUM – Toronto,Ontario 9:47UT/13 CP24 ID,talk (mix w/WEPN)
1060-WQOM-Natick,Mass 9:49UT/13 Spiritual America talk
1080-WTIC-Hartford,Conn 8:38UT/13 Ads,ID
1090-WBAL-Baltimore,MD 8:59 UT/13 ID,CBS News
1100-WTAM-Cleveland,Ohio 9:50 UT/13 talk
1110-WBT-Charlotte,North Carolina 9:00 UT/13 ID,CBS News
1120-KMOX-St. Louis,Mo. 9:01UT/13 Financial news
1180-WHAM-Rochester,NY 9:11UT/13 talk show
1190-WLIB-New York 9:59UT/13 Gospel program & music
1250-WEAE-Pittsburgh,PA 9:12UT/13 ESPN ID Sportstalk
1260-CKHJ-Fredericton,New Brunswick 9:12UT/13 country music (mixing with WMKI)
1270-CJCB-Sydney,Nova Scotia 8:40 UT/13 country music,ID jingle
1280-WFAU-Gardiner,Maine 10:22UT/13 Sportstalk,Ads
1300-WOOD- Grand Rapids,Mich 10:04UT/13 news,ads,ID
1310-WLOB-Portland,Maine 9:13UT/13 talk show
1330-WRCA-Waltham,Mass 8:49UT/13 oldtime music
1370-WDEA-Ellsworth,Maine 8:40UT/13 Ads ,ID
1380-CKPC-Brantford,Ont 10:27UT/13 Newscountry ID ,country music
1390-WEGP-Presque Isle,Maine 9:13UT/13 talk show
1400-CBG-Gander,NL 8:41UT/13 CBC Overnite program
1400-Unidentified 8:41UT/13 talk format (under CBG)
1420-CKDY-Digby,Nova Scotia 8:42UT/13 country music AVR ID
1430-WENE-Endicott,New York 9:52UT/13 sportstalk
1440-WRED-Westbrook,Maine 8:43UT/13 sportstalk
1450-CFAB-Windsor,Nova Scotia 8:42UT/13 country music,ID
1470-WLAM-Lewiston,Maine 8:50UT/13 Oldie by the Association
1510-WWZN-Boston,Mass 8:43UT/13 talk show
1540-KXEL-Waterloo,Iowa 10:05UT/13 Newstalk 1540 KXEL ID
1560-WQEW-New York,NY 8:51UT/13 Disney programming
1600-WUNR-Brookline,Mass 8:52UT/13 Spanish music & talk

Good DX
Allen Willie
St. John's,Newfoundland

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