Re: Newfoundland Ultralight Trans-Atlantics Report Nov 11-12


Good report Allen. I was TA DXing around sunset on the 11th at Duxbury, MA but with the Perseus. I put a few audio clips from the session online in case anyone is interested in how some of these stations sound in the Boston area. Links are from "".

I'd say Croatia 1134 was the loudest of the bunch, you could have mistaken it for a local and could have picked it up on just about anything including dental fillings.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION

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Greetings to All,

Trans-Atlantics reception was decent here last evening considering the higher K Index reading, with a stronger performance from many more stations than previous evenings lately. A nice surprise was the Ukraine outlet on 1431 with a solid signal off and on.

531 khz-ALGERIA,Alger Chaine 1, El Bouaghi 2:52UT/12 woman in Arabic song
684 khz-SPAIN, RNE1, Sevilla 23:45 UT/11 Spanish commentary and phone in
720 khz-GREENLAND, KNR Simuitaq 21:57 UT/11 Piano music & Inuit talk
909 khz-ENGLAND, BBC Five Live,Moorside Edge 21:58 UT/11 talk
1089 khz-ENGLAND, Talksport Radio 21:57 UT/11 talk // 1053 weaker
1134 khz-CROATIA,Hrvatske Radio Zadar, 21:45 UT/11 woman in Croatian
1242 khz-FRANCE, France Info, Marseille 21:21 UT/11 woman in French talk
1395 khz-ALBANIA, Transworld Radio via Fllake 20:43 UT/11 talk in Czech language
1413 khz –SPAIN, R.Nacional 5, 21:43 UT/11 man in Spanish
1422 khz-GERMANY,Deutschlandfunk, Heusweiler 21:52 UT/11 man in German talk
1431 khz –UKRAINE, Ukraine Radio 3, R. Kultura Kopani 20:16 UT/11 news and talk in Ukrainian **NEW COUNTRY** (DF) *** NEW STATION *** (AW)
1440 khz-LUXEMBOURG, China Radio via Marnach 20:51 UT/11 German program
1449 khz-LIBYA, Voice of Great Homeland,Misurata 22:22 UT/11 Arabic music ,talk
1467 khz-FRANCE, Transworld Radio via Roumoules 21:55 UT/11 Arabic program
1521 khz-SAUDI ARABIA, BSKSA Duba 20:50 UT/11 man in Arabic talk
1575 khz-ITALY, RAI1 Genova, 20:43 UT/11 promos and talk in Italian
1602 khz-SPAIN, Euskadi Irratia R. Vittoria 21:53 UT/11 Spanish talk

Receiver: SRF-M37V barefoot

Good DX

Allen Willie VO1-001-SWL & Dianne Froude VO1-003-SWL
St. John's, Newfoundland
47:37 N 52:45 W

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