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terribly wet

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I don't doubt everybody can read the .doc but I usually don't open such files and whatever is on my computer it is not set up to open the file or for some odd reason does not digest it.


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The 7.5" loopstick construction article is also posted in the "Antenna"
section of the DXer.Ca ULR File Section at
( (the
second option in the list). If anyone still has problems opening the file, I
can send it directly if desired.

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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i had now problem downloading and then opening that file from mediafire.

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The 7.5" loopstick design and construction file is also posted at
( (_
( ) ,
for those having difficulty opening the Ultralightdx file.

Due primarily to Richard Allen's TP-DXing success, the 7.5" loopstick
has become one of the most popular downloads that I've posted on the
Mediafire site. Although the loopstick was originally designed for the
model as a plug-in antenna, it will provide high DXing sensitivity for
Ultralight radio once the leads are connected in place of a stock
Besides Richard's innovative PL-310 connection system, one of the
was also successfully used with a modified PL-380 model during the
Beach DXpedition in July (photo below also at
( (_
( ) ) .

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock

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zz4@ writes:

Just a comment...

Anybody have a problem opening 7.5 inch-LS.doc
in files section ??

I tried months ago. No Luck.

Do I need some browser add-on ??

Tried MSIE 8 and Firefox.

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