Re: Finally Logged Station #200

Carl DeWhitt

---Nice going,Kirk !I think i had 100 or so logged in Ok.But now i am
working on my first 100 here in Tenessee.At first i was in Maryville
when i got here.Then we stayed in Towsend for about 2 weeks.We are
now temporarily living in Walland,Tn but i am working in Knoxville.I
have some logs from Maryville and Townsend to get together in one
place.I am currently working on 100 logged from here in Walland.I am
about 2/3 of the way there.When i get moved into the house i am
buying in Maryville,then i will start work on a serious log there.
I will post some logs in a a separate message but here are some
totals.Countries logged here:5 including a new one all time for
me,the Bahamas on 1540.Also U.S.,Canada,Mexico and Cuba.States
logged:25 including 2 that i never heard back in Oklahoma.That would
be Maryland(2 stations- on 1090 and 1690) and Connecticut(WTIC
1080).I also have been able to make it to 5 states logged in the
daytime here.They are Tennessee,North Carolina,South Carolina,Georgia
and Alabama.North and South Carolina were real rarieties for me back
in Oklahoma.I logged 2 S.C. stations there and that was for special
dx tests .I logged 1 North Carolina station there(WBT 1110).I have
not been able to log an Oklahoma station here yet but have logged
several of the states that border it including Texas and
Arkansas.While i was in Townsend i logged a daytime regular for me
when i was back in Oklahoma(KGGF 690 Coffeyville,Ks.)The station
furtherest west for me,logged while i was in Townsend,was KOA
850,Denver,Co.Hopefully i will have use of my home computer again
soon,so that that i can check in more often and report what i log
here.Maybe i will be able to catch those elusive New England states
that i have not been able to catch before(except for Massachusetts -
WBZ-Boston 1030).That was logged in Oklahoma and here.
73 and good dx for now to all
Carl DeWhitt
Walland ,TN.
In ultralightdx@..., "Kirk Allen" <kirk74601@...> wrote:

After not really getting very serious about Ultralight listening
August, I did finally manage to scrounge up station #200 this
It was KWAM, Memphis, TN on 990 khz. ID at 1059 UTC. As a bonus, at
1206 UTC this morning, managed to ID (it was easy...BIG signal
XEMR, Monterrey on 1140 for station #201. Okay, it's on to 300 now.
yes Guy, you're right. It was John's handiwork that came up with
spectrum logs. I'd not thought of them in a very long time.
Sometimes I
really miss the Fine Tuning days when I had the opportunity of co-
editing with Dave Valko, Mitch Sams, and Larry Yamron. Man, that
was back in the hay days of SW DX'ing! We all had an awful lot of
back then, no doubt about it. Just the other day I ran across a
picture of all of us crazy DX'ers from the NU/FT vention in
Reynoldsburgh, OH in the summer of 1987. John, I'm going to scan
photo and send it up your way. You may not have seen that one in
a while. Gee, we were just a little younger back then, hi hi. Take
guys and best of 73's at ya.
Kirk Allen
JRC NRD-515, Eton E-100, Sony SRF-59
Ponca City, OK

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