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Kevin Schanilec

IMO, until we get internet reliably in our cars, there likely will be more $$$ put into transmitters, since drivers seem to be a major focus for radio execs.

For example, IBOC tried to get HD radios installed in cars in order to get their market share up, but thankfully Ibiquity has not had much success (whew!). There was an interesting story about an engineer from WOR in New York that tried to get a new car fitted with an HD radio, and if I recall correctly, nobody know what he was talking about; since WOR is a major IBOC broadcaster, I think it tempered his opinion on IBOC's future.

Ah yes, here it is:
Delicious reading...


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One does wonder at times why the broadcasting CO's are dumping millions into 50kW OTA broadcasts, when theres an internet with streaming. But then again, the former is a priviledge, and the latter is a right, and the latter has waaaaay more competition for one's attention. As I like to say, " Can we have a Coast-to-Coast network contest (re: highest number of C2C stations received wins)?" Jeez, there must be 20 of them on a bad nite around here. ;o)

Paul S. in CT

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I like that! To me Ultralights bring out the wit, learning and resourcefulness more than hooking up a Perseus SDR to a big antenna array and reviewing the hard drive capture the next day. To each his own, though!


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In radio, it is not the substance of communication without wires, but
the fact of it that enthralls. It is a sport, in which your wits,
learning, and resourcefulness are matched against the endless
perversity of the elements.

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