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ferrite61 <dxrx@...>

One does wonder at times why the broadcasting CO's are dumping millions into 50kW OTA broadcasts, when theres an internet with streaming. But then again, the former is a priviledge, and the latter is a right, and the latter has waaaaay more competition for one's attention. As I like to say, " Can we have a Coast-to-Coast network contest (re: highest number of C2C stations received wins)?" Jeez, there must be 20 of them on a bad nite around here. ;o)

Paul S. in CT

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I like that! To me Ultralights bring out the wit, learning and resourcefulness more than hooking up a Perseus SDR to a big antenna array and reviewing the hard drive capture the next day. To each his own, though!


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In radio, it is not the substance of communication without wires, but
the fact of it that enthralls. It is a sport, in which your wits,
learning, and resourcefulness are matched against the endless
perversity of the elements.

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