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Another welcome to the Ultralight MW DX Community.  I think that you'll find us a friendly bunch...

Thanks for being concerned about what considered to be "legal" or ethical to count in awards programs or contests, etc.  Logging your locals is like shooting fish in a barrel, except these fish often come back to haunt us, as Kevin pointed out.

One of the happiest effects that I've noticed is that many stations that are semi-locals in the daytime disappear at night... This is because their ground wave just isn't strong enough to compete with sky wave from further distant stations... and they are c;lose enough to you for you to be in their skywave "dead zone."   The angle that their sky wave would have to take up from the transmitter to reflect down to you is just to steep to be reflected by the ionosphere..... so, some of those almost-locals will disappear for you at night, thank goodness.

As far as what one may count in awards, etc... I've always felt that if it were licensed by a legal authority AS A BROADCASTING STATION, it was plenty OK to count.... I know that some people count TIS stations... I don't.  I would guess that we would leave those up to the individual DXer, though the Committee has never discussed such. Beyond that, I'm personally against counting Talking Houses  :>) but the Committee hasn't taken a stand on that one either.

So, thanks again for asking.... but go ahead and count those locals.... they WILL come back to haunt you :>)

Welcome to the crazy world of Ultralighting, George!

John B.

At 11:42 PM 10/19/2008 +0000, you wrote:

Hi all,

I've got what may be a stupid question, but here goes anyway.

When counting logged stations for credit toward various milestones,
like 100 stations, 20 states, etc., do local stations count? I live
in northern NJ, near NYC, so there are a bunch of locals that are no
challenge to log. I would think that they count, but I'm not sure.

I started BCB DXing back in the early 1960s with a National NC-60
5-tube AM/SW radio. I laid off for many years and only got back into
it last year, when a friend in my ham club mentioned the fun he was
having with a Grundig 300. I bought one at RatShack and had a ball
for a few weeks listening around the eastern states and Canada,
logging stations out of habit. I came across this group a few
weeks ago and it piqued my interest in some serious Ultralight DXing.

Last week I bought a Sangean DT-200VX from Amazon for $50. This thing
is truly amazing, and I'm hooked on Ultralights! I've been doing some
casual listening with it (and logging as I go) and I started counting
up the logs from the two tiny radios and realized that I have over 40
without really trying (and without any locals). I think that I'll be
aiming for a 100 pretty soon.


George W2GEK

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