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Distance is always good... distance and low-power is better. I tend to be believe that 1kW at 1000 km is DX, 50kW at 1000km is distance, and 50 Watts at 300km or more is also DX. At some point km/Watt factors in, other times distance at lower power prevails and some times its all about distance, like hearing ABC radio on 9560kHz direct from Shepparton at 100kW over a distance of 11,000 miles (17,700km). All of my ULR's caught that recently (R-911, PL-200, PL-310) barefootin.

Formula(s) anyone?

Paul S. in CT

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Ive been a DX'er since 1949!!

DX is listening to Long distant Radio Signals, either LW, MW, SW, or VHF and UHF.

Ive loged over 120 Countries and got QSLS from over a 1,000 stations on SW and 103 Countries on MW with 600 QSL's received...(including several 1st Reports from NZ)

DX is the Radio Term (Ham)for "Long Distance".

I consider in my case Stations at least 1,500 miles or more from my QTH as DX, (even 0n the "Degen DE1125" with its whip I get many European and South American Stations)

Its all down to LISTENING.

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